We were recommended to Mary Jane by several health professionals and found the intervention strategies she suggested for our 4 year-old daughter to be exceptionally effective. Mary Jane combines her extensive experience with an up-to-date knowledge base. She has a professional manner, maintains privacy and confidentiality and establishes a great rapport with both the child and parents. We would not hesitate to recommend Mary Jane to anyone seeking help with challenging or high risk children.

Natasha & Stuart Crofts

I have been seeing Mary Jane Beach for approximately 7 months. She has been a God send to help me through some tough times with my 4 children; the youngest has behavioural problems and the others are just boys being boys. She has also guided me on how to find peace within a stressful marriage and helped me to make sense of a world that doesn’t! Regards a now almost relaxed mum and wife!

Jen D

I went to see Mary Jane only having been recently married (in a lesbian relationship) and going through a difficult adjustment period. In one session Mary Jane was able to offer some perspective on the situation thus allowing me to think clearly and understand what I was going through. Mary Jane was relaxed, supportive and professional, creating a safe space where I was able to make sense of the mess my head was in. I would highly recommend Mary Jane to anyone and she is first on my list to call when I’m in need a bit of breathing space.

Amy Davis

We wanted to say how grateful we are that we have had these sessions with you over the past four months. You have helped us come to an understanding of what has happened and why we feel the way we do, but most importantly you have not judged what so ever at any time. You have encouraged us to explore our feelings and to be open and honest about them. We have had to face things that we didn’t want to have to face but through your guidance and patience we have been able to do this and now we are trying to move on to the next stage of our lives.

We now have an understanding and a dream of a future that can be ours as long as we stand tall and remain strong for each other along the way. We now have the courage to face that future and we are sure under your guidance that we will do this. Now, we dare to dream….. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Phillip and Linda Cadden