Technical Articles

I have found the techinical articles below to be of interest. Please have a look below and if any of the topics are of interest to you, please click on the blue title to read more information.

“I have a dream too, of basic human rights” Sydney Morning Herald, 31 August 2013

Powerful article on Aboriginal rights to self-determination by Sol Bellear, chairman of the Aboriginal Medical Service.

“Indecent Obsession” Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May 2013

Sibling sex abuse is now recognised as the most common form of intra-familial sexual abuse. Benjamin Law talks to victims and perpetrators.

Physical Effects of Alcohol

Expert opinion by Professor John Saunders

Education and Dysfunctional Attachment: A Clash of Belief Systems(PDF)

By Theresa Burgheim, Manager of Wesley Dalmar – Out of Home Care, Penrith.
Presented at the ACWA Conference ‘Knowledge into Action’ (2004)

Solution-Focused Change: Doing What Works

Blog author: Coert Visser, Solution-Focused Trainer and Coach

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Treatments

By Ex-Services Mental Welfare Society

29 Positive Aspects of ADHD

By Mary Jane Beach

Overbreathing (hyperventilation)

By Dr AJ Macdonald


Link to official website of reteaming coaching by the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute

Solution Focused Asperger Syndrome

Genevieve Edmonds and Vicky Bliss describe their fruitful therapeutic encounter with each other