Mary Jane specialises in many different areas of need in which she can offer a range of counselling services.

Whether it’s learning to managing your moods with anger management techniques making your marriage stronger with marriage counselling, she understands not only the problems affecting her patients, but also the various methods that could be used to remedy them.

Such issues she assists in include:

  • Child Behaviour Difficultieswhich are no doubt one of the most difficult problems a parent can face, but with the right counselling these disabilities or disorders can be correctly addressed and the treatment for an improved future can be introduced.
  • Personal Coaching — individual or relationship coaching is available for those who want to overcome problematic issues by working through them step by step with a personal coach.
  • Relationship Counselling — for families and couples who have unresolved issues and dysfunctional living patterns between them, in which in-depth counselling can work through all these barriers holding back a healthy relationship.
  • Post Injury Trauma — professional guidance can help survivors of trauma and their families begin the recovery process. Trauma counseling offers practical help in teaching skills to manage flashbacks, painful memories and anxiety.
  • Drug, Alcohol & Gambling — addictions to any of these can lead to a devastating life of debt, failed relationships, and even crime. It is important to address these issues if you are suffering from these addictions; and therapy and counselling can assist in the process of relinquishing them.
  • Gay & Lesbian Issues — most gay and lesbian couple issues are the same as the rest of the community. Your sexuality in today’s society can be a very confusing issue and support from a skilled counsellor can help you through these very perplexing times.
  • Anger Management — anger can often be an unpredictable and powerful emotion, in which out of control can be very dangerous. If anger becomes out of control it may lead to many problems, at work, in personal relationships and in the overall quality of life. Anger management is a way of dealing with your anger, and how to direct in a positive way.
  • Sexual or Physical Abuse — the effects of abuse can be far reaching. If you are the parent/carer of a child who has recently disclosed abuse you may be struggling to know how to help them to recover. If you are an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse you may be suffering many long term effects of your abuse. Sufficient counselling can never remove the memory of the fact, but it can help sufferers move on from their trauma, and to enjoy a more positive life.
  • Childhood Issues — can involve a range of matters relating to abuse, domestic violence, divorce, and more, which can carry onto problems later in their life, when they are adults. Once again, therapy and treatment can address all these issues, so as the patient can leave the troubles of their childhood behind, and so they can continue to live freely.
  • Mobile Service – Home visits are available in Sydney Metropolitan areas and Rural and Regional visits can also be arranged for the convenience of her clients. Mary Jane maintains flexible hours for consultation. Schedule an Appointment Now

Counselling Experience of Mary Jane

Mary Jane has had 9 years of experience working with families and children at Redbank House. Redbank House is a psychiatric service for those seeking counselling or psychotherapy for a wide variety of reasons . Through this, she has gained a great deal of one-on-one experience and skill on a range of different programmes which use dynamic behavioural treatment methods.

She has also had 12 years of experience in the Foster Care Sector, working with young children and adolescents who often display challenging behaviour. The Foster Care Sector is an agency which encourages even the most difficult children to fulfill their potential by offering support, stability and security. Through this program, Mary Jane has acquired a unique combination of knowledge, understanding and professional skills; all adding up to the right support package for young people with serious problems so that they have an increased chance of a successful outcome.