I started my career as a registered nurse, worked in many and various places including Palm Island, A beautiful Island off North Queensland.

Occupied by an aboriginal community where I learnt a great deal, a very steep learning curve.

I became a midwife in England and worked as a midwife in Greenacre for 10years. I then studies maternal and child health and landed a job working at Redbank House. Redbank House is a child and adolescent psychiatric unit attached to Westmead Hospital. I worked on the family team and loved it. Worked with some amazing but complicated families.

While working at Redbank I also studied and added a counselling degree and Family Therapy. It was also while working there that I established my private practice.

After 10years I moved on again to work At St John of God, North Richmond where I had the great privilege of working with Prof. John Saunders who is the consultant to the WHO on drug and alcohol. I ran the family team and learnt a great deal abut the impacts on each and every family member.

As I am also an accredited supervisor with Pacfa I also provide supervision to individuals and organisations including Blacktown Women and Girls health Centre.