My name is Mary Jane Beach, I am a sole practitioner, I have been running this business for 20 years.

My primary theory of practice is solution focussed therapy, I find for most people they really just want their lives to be better, so working on solutions to create those changes is very effective.

Nursing was my original career, I studied midwifery in the UK, then an early childhood degree at Western Sydney university, all of which I loved, obviously working in those areas.

I have worked in many and varied spaces, when I was working at Redbank House I decided to do a counselling degree to better understand the clients, families, I was working with.

This led my on to do training in solution focussed family therapy.  For the last ten years I have had the privilege of working part time with Prof Saunders, who is the WHO consultant on addiction.

So I have been lucky enough to have a very varied career and loved each part of it, and still love my work.