Mobile Counsellors

Mobile counsellors are able to come to your home or office if you are unable to get to ours. They are highly qualified professionals with expertise in the field of counselling. The main difference is that they are not confined to their clinics or offices; instead they cater to the needs of clients by reaching out and personally coming to them.

With their flexible schedules and reasonable fees, mobile counsellors are providing an invaluable service to society by allotting time and effort to meet with troubled clients whenever and wherever possible. This is a testament of their outmost dedication to their craft as they are well cognizant of the fact that there are certain people who simply shy away from the idea of going to a private clinic or facility to seek the help of a professional. They may find it more comfortable and convenient to discuss issues right at the comfort of their home or in some pre-determined setting.

Mobile counsellors are equally adept at bringing their specialized services to clients, be it anger management, stress management and general counselling services which include issues such as child behaviour difficulties, alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, sexual and physical abuse, among others. Mobile counsellors specialise in a wide range of needs in which they can provide the best professional help. They understand not only the problems affecting patients, but also the different strategies that can be used to remedy them.