Family Therapy Services

Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy which aims to help troubled families to overcome crisis, re-establish values, improve relations and provide assistance for problems through early intervention. It focuses on the interconnected relationships within; families to promote better relationships and understanding among family members so they can cope better with the strains and stresses of family life.

Families are often the source of love, support and encouragement. However, there are instances when family relationships are put under strain. There could be a number of reasons behind this, with the most common being financial difficulties, parents being divorced or separation, siblings not getting along, a family member is suffering from addiction or substance abuse, a family member has a physical or mental illness, and the approaching death of a family member. Family counselling is often useful in helping families cope with these lie-changing situations and improve their relations.

Professional services are sometimes needed to help families deal with challenging periods and face daunting scenarios as a single, cohesive unit. Qualified family counsellors are available to help families in resolving various conflicts. They can effect changes that can have a huge impact on everyone concerned.

Trained family counsellors can provide expert advice and guidance for families going through tough times. Family counselling sessions can be tailored to meet specific requirements and can be conducted for individual members or for the entire family.

The beauty of family therapy lies in the fact that every member can have a voice and can expect to be heard during the session. They can voice their thoughts and feelings and the counsellor can facilitate while the family works out their differences.

Counsellors are well aware of the fact that effective communication is the key to all relationships. Instead of allowing frustrations and misunderstandings to get blown out of proportion, family counselling provides the perfect opportunity to learn new and more positive ways of communication while discarding negative communication patterns. This benefits the entire family by allowing everyone to express how they feel so that no one gets isolated or overlooked. Family counselling can minimise conflicts which translates to fewer squabbles at home and help every member cope better with their situation.

Family therapy has earned a sterling reputation as a specialized service in society. It is a multidisciplinary approach involving qualified professionals in the fields of psychology and human behavioural science. Family counsellors have been able to help thousands of distressed families to address issues, discuss problems and come up with solutions that are satisfactory to everyone involved. The family is an important institution so relationships should not be allowed to deteriorate. Hence, it is generally advisable to go for family counselling to resolve problems right from the start.

Mary Jane worked at Redbank house for 10 years, specialising in these family issues.