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 Sydney Relationship Therapy

Relationships are central to everyone’s well being and life satisfaction, whether that be with friends, family, partners, children, colleagues and especially with oneself.

Good relationships are also good for your health. Social support has been found to have immune-boosting effects, and to protect against a range of health problems and disease. However, relationships are complex, and building satisfying and rewarding relationships can be difficult.

It is not surprising, then, that relationship issues are amongst the most common reasons for visiting a counsellor.

Relationship Difficulties

Some relationship difficulties that people seek help with include:

– relationship breakdown
– withholding affection
– infidelity– issues of trust
– jealousy– pre-marital counselling
– constant arguing– family breakdown
– threatening behaviour– step families
– recurrent patterns– post separation difficulties
– sexual difficulties– disabilities in families

If you’re interested in relationship counselling, visit my relationship counselling page.

ADHD – An Alternative Perspective

Mary Jane Beach can offer an alternative perspective on situations. For example, often people’s perception of ADHD sufferers is negative, however, there are many positive aspects that people may not be aware of.

Click on the following link to download a PDF of Mary Jane’s 29 Positive Aspects of ADHD.