About Me

I am an approved supervisor through Pacfa and the Dept of Health and I currently provide supervision to other health professionals privately as well as through Blacktown Women and Girls Centre.

I have been running my private practice for over 20 years. My primary theory of practice is solution focussed therapy. I find most people really just want their lives to be better, so working on solutions to create those changes is very effective.

How I came to be an approved Counsellor

Early career as a registered nurse

I come from a early successful career as a registered nurse. As a nurse, I went to work on Palm Island with its local indigenous community. I went there thinking I could help, but encountered a very steep learning curve. I knew nothing when I arrived (very naïve) but I gained a great deal during my stay there.

Midwifery & Child Health

Midwifery was my next adventure and qualification, which I undertook in the UK. I then came back to Australia and worked as a midwife for 10 years also gaining a degree in maternal and child health.

Working at the Centre of Excellence for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

I then did a degree in health care management, which I discovered was definitely not for me. So I applied for a job at Redbank House, this is a centre of excellence for child and adolescent psychiatry. I worked on the child and family section. Families would come in for 6 week admission; the whole family would come from all over NSW. Very complex families, and proved a very interesting and challenging job that I loved!

While working at Redbank House, I gained a degree in counselling, then went on to do a 2 year degree in family therapy. It was a great opportunity to work intensely with families and a team of highly skilled professionals.

My private practice was established 20 years ago

It was while I was working at Redbank that I commenced my private practice which I established about 20 years ago.

While still running my private practice I also worked at St John of God where I had the privilege of working with Prof. John Saunders, the consultant to the WHO (World Health Organisation) on drugs and alcohol. Needless to say another steep learning curve which I thrived. I have a love of learning which I continue doing each day.