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By clicking on the ‘Opening Statement’ link below, you will be able to read the speech that Bev Orr, President of the Australian Foster Care Association (afca) made to the Parliamentary Inquiry into carer support yesterday.

Bev was asked a range of questions relating to support, carers relationships with Centrelink, accessing benefits, juggling the gap between Commonwealth and States, and child protection and disabilities. Bev was able to highlight how we believed that carers of children in the child protection system should not be means tested for kids in care, but that the children should be considered as entities in their own right, and this was taken on board.

Also, the ideas that we needed a special contact officer in Centrelink to assist all carers so that they did access what they were entitled to, all carers to be exempt from Welfare to Work work requirements (there are some who aren’t still), inability to claim Centrelink payments for the first few weeks of care etc.

Opening statement

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